Orison Books Authors


M. Shahid Alam (translator)
Intimations of Ghalib: New Versions from the Urdu – FORTHCOMING

Rebecca Aronson
Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom (winner of the 2016 Orison Poetry Prize)

J. Scott Brownlee
Requiem for Used Ignition Cap (winner of the 2015 Orison Poetry Prize)

John Fry
With the Dogstar as My Witness: Poems – FORTHCOMING

Ilya Kaminsky
It’s the Soul That’s Erotic: An Essay on Adélia Prado

Patrick Donnelly
Jesus Said: Poems

David Ebenbach
Miss Portland: A Novel 
(winner of the 2016 Orison Fiction Prize)

Gabriel Houck
You or a Loved One: Stories (winner of the 2017 Orison Fiction Prize) – FORTHCOMING

Carly Joy Miller
Ceremonial (winner of the 2017 Orison Poetry Prize) – FORTHCOMING

Mark Niemeyer (editor)
The Divine Magnet: Herman Melville’s Letters to Nathaniel Hawthorne

Yehoshua November
Two Worlds Exist: Poems

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu
I Scrape the Window of Nothingness: New & Selected Poems

Jordan Rice
Constellarium: Poems

Sam Roxas-Chua
Echolalia in Script: A Collection of Asemic Writing

Jessie van Eerden
The Long Weeping: Portrait Essays